We supply a range of spray equipment suitable for dispensing our products for optimum results. We would be pleased to advise a suitable specification and assist with the initial set-up on your site.

Spray gunECL F spray gun with fixed fan width (15, 45, 60 or 90⁰) incorporates a 0.3L gravity fed flow cup suitable for our in-mould paint range and small application of release agents.


ECL HD spray gun is a more heavy duty model with a 0.5L gravity fed flow cup with needle and fan adjustment suitable for larger volume production.


ECL PP2 & PP9 are ‘plug-and-play’ pressure pot spray systems which have been tailored for use with our release agents.spray system

Options consist of a 2Ltr or 9Ltr pressure pot, coupled to the robust lightweight ECL F air spray gun.

These can be fitted with extension lances to aid access into large tools.

Systems can be specified to match required output flow rates by utilising varying needle sizes and the option of precision regulators for precise micro measurements and dosing.