Release Agents

liquid and semi solid release agentsAs their exclusive UK & Ireland distributor we recommend Marbo mould release agents.

Marbo offers a wide range of liquid and semi solid release agents, of silicone or wax polymers, to give fast and easy release with minimal tool build up, extending the intervals between tool cleaning.

Marbo’s silicone and wax release agent ranges can be supplied in solvent and water based carriers to address all health & safety, environmental, and process requirements.

We offer immediate technical support by phone or by appointment at your site. We can give application advice and supply bespoke release agents to compliment your unique process, thus optimising the release of components from your tools.


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Solvent based Marbo mould release agents

  • Advantage of easy wetting of tool surface
  • Cold tool processes
  • Tolerance to over application, and tools prone to entrapment & poolingMarbo hq
  • Ability to use airless spray guns to reduce fogging
  • 30 Solvent – flammable, medium flash off, heated tools recommended
  • B Solvent – highly flammable, fast flash off on cold tools
  • COD 64 Solvent – solvent blend containing fast flash off, non flammable.
    • Not recommended for polymer tools

Water based Marbo mould release agents

  • Health & Safety and environmental advantages
  • Higher solid contents allow faster coverage
  • Recommended for heated tools

Mould Sealer 1

  • Use on moulds to reduce surface porosity and improve release
  • Cold sealing process, no requirement for extended curing cycles at higher temperatures
  • Suitable for most tooling including steel, aluminium, resin and plastic